Mulgaro is a modern men’s shirt and accessories brand. With the seamless and architectural silhouettes, our shirts, bags and wallets lend a glamorous edge to workwear and off-duty outfits, making them the perfect sartorial ally for modern busy men.

Minimal | Quality Fabrics | Stylish


We believe that great design is what makes anything look timeless and contemporary. Starting from shapes that carefully balance beauty and functionality, we work extensively on materials, pursuing a harmonious blend of colour, tone and texture.

Essential means for us: beautiful, functional, iconic.


Superior materials wouldn’t be enough to make a superior product. Thanks to our expertise, we have partnered with selected Thai artisans that we truly admire for the way they work and the experience they acquired by working with the most demanding luxury brands.


Our mission is simple, yet very ambitious: to make the very best products we can, using the best materials and partnering with the best Thai Artisans. We seek, by all means, to use ethical means of production and sustainable solutions thorughout our supply chains.