Being able to eat wholesome food on-the-go, whether at work or during travels, is important to a good wellbeing lifestyle
— Bank Inngern

The Idea

Eating nourishing food has never been so important to us. In the rush of busy times and the constant urge to work during our free time, we tend to lose focus on what we put inside our body, and therefore succumbing to pocessed food. Our wholesome seasoning allows you to bring green goodness to your dish whereever you are, whatever you're doing.

Style & Quality

Each ingredients have been finely selected and carefully chosen to bring out natural beautiful flavours.

We chose glass bottles because they don't pose harmful risks to environmental or personal health. They don't leach potentially harmful chemicals when in contact with food.

100% Handmade

We hand roast and dry each and every plant to preserve all the beneficial qualities to bring vitality and sparkle to your daily living.

Being 100% handmade allows us to filter through the ingredients to achieve only the best blend of plants.