Rise and Rise of Red Velvet

Red Velvet cakes have experienced a meteoric rise in their popularity with both established and upcoming foodies since being introduced across the world. At the start, they were simply a bright ruby dessert sold by specialist coffee shops and trendy cafe chains - a novelty only available at the coolest confectioners.

Yet nowadays it is perhaps abnormal for a coffee shop to not have a stack of these gems on their shelves. Of course there are endless variations of the basic Red Velvet out there, from a tough cake gritty with sweet icing to moist sponge with supreme tlc buttercream, but its omnipresence has meant that great standardised flavours are emerging. Red Velvet has truly stood the test of time.

Key ambassadorial traits of this cake include its distinctive scarlet red body with a vanilla-creme frosted finish - quite noticeable when passing the window of a coffee shop. Although red signifies danger in the animal kingdom, in this instance it signifies a burst of warmth that is always welcome in the food world. Red Velvet also displays the general exterior of a classic cake without the extravagance of unnecessary decoration, exuberant flavour or unwanted heaviness. A quality Red Velvet promises you a soft interior with a simple coating of luscious frosting. And did we forget that this is a chocolate cake?! Just in case it may have slipped your mind, yes, this is literally a cocoa cake infused with a healthy dose of red food colouring. It's no wonder they are a popular choice for the window shelf: they are just chocolates wearing deep rouge makeup!

Like it or not, Red Velvet cakes have staked out a prominent position in our favourite bakeries and are set to retain it for some time to come. The truth is that many people enjoy eating things at their most simplistic - comfort food at its best, to be precise. Take pride in this cake and paint the town velvety red the next time you’re tottering about in dire need of a tasty treat.

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