More is More

“I don’t do this often, but…” is a statement that aptly describes my dining out ventures lately. Yes, it's often the case that I’m pushed and shoved into trying new places every few weeks - that's what London means these days, a new restaurant popping up around the corner when you least expect it. Added to that are the numerous dining spots one forgets about or continually puts off sampling until finally forced into it.

So now there arrives this new way to eat out - simply go everywhere in one night! As disastrous as this might sound, it is actually quite enjoyable in knowing that you always have a next destination to look forward to, however good (or bad) the current location may be. We begin with small plates accompanied by wine. Here it is a good choice to sit by the counter and see your food in action while chatting with your foodie partner in crime. If you do feel you have fallen in love with a spot then take the time to cement it in your thoughts as a welcoming place for a future dinner.

Next up, the main course… this is exciting because you should certainly be hungrier now that your belly (and tipsiness) has had a chance to warm up. A cosy place where you can sit for a good while will be the best choice. As your dishes arrive, you will begin to make critical comparisons to the location you went to earlier. Life is short, don't bother comparing, focus on enjoying this unique moment.

Some companions may have run out of energy by this point, but now taking centre stage is the finale at a dulce dessert stop or perhaps a cocktail bar. This is precisely the moment you start laughing about how the evening turned out, and believe me it is a very ecstatic feeling that is hard to come by under normal circumstances.

Call this sort of outing imbecilic, or even childlike. But there inevitably comes a time when you need to let go and turnover a new leaf every so often, and that happens by trusting yourself in the knowledge that more is indeed more. Have a lovely feast.


Bank Inngern