Hello and welcome to Mulgaro.

Mulgaro is a pathway to discovering creative means to truly enhance your eating experience, seeking in all possible ways to season your food with a wide range of natural, organic, beautiful flavourings. It's also a place where we can share our own wholesome recipes!

A key facet of our approach at Mulgaro is experimentation with countless creative dishes, and always being in search of inspirational new ideas. We hope you will benefit from our passionate pursuit of wholesome flavours and meals.

The Idea
Eating nourishing food has never been so important to us. Caught up in the rush of busy jobs and the constant urge to work during our precious free time, we tend to lose focus on what we put inside our body, succumbing to the ease of eating processed food. Our wholesome seasoning allows you to bring a touch of pure green goodness to your dish wherever you are, whatever you're doing.

Style & Quality
Every ingredient has been carefully selected and specifically chosen to bring out natural and beautiful flavours.

We chose glass bottles because they pose less harm to the environment and personal health, and they don't leach potentially harmful chemicals when in contact with food.

We hand roast and dry each and every plant to preserve all their beneficial qualities, all with the goal of bringing vitality and sparkle into your daily life.

Being 100% handmade also allows us to take our time filtering through the raw ingredients to achieve only the best blend of plants.