Pursuit of wholesome flavours


Wholesome Seasoning

Eating nourishing food has never been so important to us. Caught up in the rush of busy jobs and the constant urge to work during our precious free time, we tend to lose focus on what we put inside our body, succumbing to the ease of eating processed food. Our wholesome seasoning allows you to bring a touch of pure green goodness to your dish wherever you are, whatever you're doing.

Season in moderation, but with pleasure, to intensify the flavour of pastas, risottos, salads or any of your favourite dishes.


We hand roast and dry each and every plant to preserve all their beneficial qualities, all with the goal of bringing vitality and sparkle into your daily life.

Being 100% handmade also allows us to take our time filtering through the raw ingredients to achieve only the best blend of plants.

No preservatives | Plant-based | All natural

Timeless Classic

Containing a wide range of herbs, this organic seasoning is truly rejuvenating. Sprinkle over salads, pastas, roasted vegetables or any of your favourite savoury dishes.

Pink Himalayan Salt, Parsley, Peppers, Tarragon, Dill, Basil, Garlic

Rose Elixir

The beauty within. This organic seasoning contains enriching delicate rose petals that have been harnessed in airy, natural fields. Potent in skin brightening nutrients, truly awakening! Sprinkle over any of your favourite dishes.

Roses, Pink Himalayan Salt, Sea Salt

Fire Spice

Igniting the fire within. This organic seasoning is bursting with antioxidising chillies. Truly refreshing! Sprinkle over any of your favourite dishes to add some heat & spice.

Chillies (variety), Garlic, Pink Himalayan Salt