Pursuit of wholesome flavours


Wholesome Seasoning

Eating nourishing food has never been so important to us. Caught up in the rush of busy jobs and the constant urge to work during our precious free time, we tend to lose focus on what we put inside our body, succumbing to the ease of eating processed food. Our wholesome seasoning allows you to bring a touch of pure green goodness to your dish wherever you are, whatever you're doing.

Timeless Classic

We hand roast and dry each and every plant to preserve all their beneficial qualities, all with the goal of bringing vitality and sparkle into your daily life.

Being 100% handmade also allows us to take our time filtering through the raw ingredients to achieve only the best blend of plants.

No preservatives | Plant-based | All natural

Local Greek Salad

An opportunity to take a step back from the hectic routine of work is a luxury any millennial would like to get their hands on. This nearly-missed trip was a real eye-opener for me in terms of understanding why Mediterranean food is so effortlessly delicious and beautiful. Here, people walk at a leisurely pace, talk to each other without rushing and smile without regard for any negative energy. This vacation was a far cry from the usual party island destination of Mykonos; instead, we headed for Paros, Naxos and of course starting and ending our trip in Athens.

Matcha Green Tea Cake

This has to be my favourite cake. It is somewhat similar to a gentle victorian sponge, except there is an added husk from the slight bitter green tea. This green tea cake recipe came about from struggling to find the right recipe from blogs or cookery books. I had to adapt this recipe many times from my original sponge cake to create a texture that wasn’t too dense and dry from the matcha powder. The result was sweetness that is just about balanced, portion of layers right - even the matcha naysayers will turn heads.

Plane Food As You Didn’t Know

The thought of flying, the excitement associated with going away to some new and exotic destination means that we often overlook the less attractive aspects associated with this mode of travel, assuming that all is well because it is essentially “time off”. On my part, I’ve always idly wondered why food served from those petite plastic trays usually doesn’t taste quite right, or else has some unexpected flavour that I don't recognise from my day-to-day experience. The resulting taste can be somewhat off-putting, as if the meals have had their true potential obscured.