Pursuit of Wholesome Flavours

Pursuit of wholesome flavours

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mushroom tagliatelle

This mushroom Tagliatelle has no boundaries - you can freely add vegetables, such as grilled aubergines, or meats such as pancetta or grilled white fish (sea bass for example). That said, even with nothing but mushrooms this recipe packs enough oomph to thrill any mushroom or double cream naysayers.  The fungi here are of the chestnut and forage variety, but enoki or shiitake can also be used to give your dish a little more of a premium flavour.


A Memorable dining experience

Eating at a restaurant is perhaps one of life's most precious activities. There are many reasons for this, but the most important one is that it involves simply sitting, talking, eating, and relaxing. Today's society has witnessed a significant (and ongoing) expansion in the food service industry, so it isn't surprising that we are constantly bombarded with new eating trends, or tantalised by new venues waiting to serve us their own diverse range of food.


Local Greek Salad

An opportunity to take a step back from the hectic routine of work is a luxury any millennial would like to get their hands on. This nearly-missed trip was a real eye-opener for me in terms of understanding why Mediterranean food is so effortlessly delicious and beautiful. Here, people walk at a leisurely pace, talk to each other without rushing and smile without regard for any negative energy. This vacation was a far cry from the usual party island destination of Mykonos; instead, we headed for Paros, Naxos and of course starting and ending our trip in Athens.


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